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Moon Of Dust (Voice Of The Beehive)

Finding out the truth about you Was finding the moon is made of dust Oh no, I have seen this mood before Tension, flying all around the room I have had my share of more, forgive and forget Like before No love's lost Finding out the truth about you was Finding the moon is made of dust Stars are just confetti and heroes always fall From the bedroom walls and The moon is made of dust I believe that love prevailed I tried and I have failed So sing to me a lullaby and disappear into the night Love's gone home Goodbye to all my heroes, hello to all the friends I've disregarded all though the years Goodbye to all my favourite songs I wish that love and fear did not prove You're a million miles from here I'm tried, tired of this stupid heart Ragged, aged and torn apart We'd walk all around this crazy world You were glue to a broken down and fed up, Never gonna get out baby