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Say It (Voice Of The Beehive)

You cover me with kisses. You always walk me home. You say I make you head go Nasty when you are alone. Keep eyes on me at parties, You push their hands away. You know they're in it for the Game but say that you won't Play it. It feels like all you Want is me so how come you won't Say it. You know I know they watch you. I See but I don't say. I hear the Bathroom conversation. I just Shrug away. 'Cause I've had you In the ocean and I've have you on The floor. You must remember the game, You know just how to play it. It feels like all you want is me so how Come you won't say it ? Silence is golden, Promises go rusty. Sometimes when you talk too much the Works get old and dusty. Don't say it To me, I won't say it to you. As long as We're not saying it, I know something else We can do. So just ignore my weakness for boys in Noisy bands. They always seem to say too Much, they always need a hand. Remember When your lonely in places far away, You're my favorite game. I might lose But I'll play it. It feels like all you Want is me so you don't have to say it.