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There's A Barbarian In The Back Of My Car (Voice Of The Beehive)

he's making all these promises you know he cannot keep he made me pick him up now he won't pay for gasoline he's drinking all my beers he's wearing all my clothes and if he winks at me again i think i'll take him home there's a barbarian in the back of my car, oh no there's a barbarian yeh yeh yeh in the back of my car he's started all my worries and he's finished all my wine he's giving me a headache but i still think he's divine he says he has a question, he starts tugging at my clothes would i be good enough to take him to his girlfriend's home ? some boys go by plane and others go by sea he'll go anywhere with anyone just as long as it's for free he's got his eyes on the horizon he says i can ride his rocket while telephone numbers are tumbling from his top pocket dream logic operator he falls out of the car he says i'll fuck you later now just get me to the bar.