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Autotheist Movement III: Deconsecrate (The Faceless)

All rise for the black mass We are gathered here today in the funeral of your faith Angels set ablaze Bask in the flames GOD IS DEAD! Rid your mind of guilt my child GOD IS DEAD! Let your sacrament wilt my child In a godless universe with logic as the reigning scepter of power Revel in the mysteries of our reality Wisdom undefiled In the shadows where secrets lie Unrestricted wisdom grows in all directions Evolutions grow forth from the grave of your faith Bow your head in awe for our creation Bring closer his withered throne to Earth Lowering paradise within reach BURN HEAVEN DOWN! Nailed to the cross Drained of it's blood Piety dies Crucify this lie DEUS EST MORTUUS! LOGICA OBTINET! Evolved in fruition to deny the god of carnal opposition There will be no judgement from above Inherit the Earth Possess what is left Behold a vision blinded by guilt ridden righteousness Mortal entombment of the mind False beliefs abandoned in the shadows of the light.