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Leica (The Faceless)

I heard you call through our wall Weaving your tale through our minds eye A direct embodiment of your wanton faith You command me as I'm unknowingly succumbing to your ways Disgusting, yet so intriguing, I recant my beliefs Accepting your false idols as my own, forsaking mine I will be reborn and pure blood will line the land I am just a fool, masked and anonymous The final test lies just ahead The swordsman have chosen me I will die I heard you call me from over the sea I heard you call bringing me to this place Once meek and on a perilous path Now guided every step of the way Light the fire and cast me in Knowing the meaning of sacrifice I will be the burning heart in the chest of the wicker man I believe in the eternal life through sacrificing myself to you I believe in the everlasting life Achieving the death of a martyr for you