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The Ghost Of A Stranger (The Faceless)

Infatuated with the corpse An exact image of what it was just a moment ago A ball gag suppresses the last breath that it ever took My body is bathed in the warmth of blood never thought that it would have kept me warm on this very fateful night But now I know that those screams were not of pain but they were my ecstasy Its white skin is illuminated under pale moonlight Reminiscent of fresh snowfall The patterns formed by shadows and its hair make each square inch unique My lips still burn from the last time that I uttered its proper name Those thin wrists seem to melt in my hands My flesh on its flesh with gravity on my side I should, but won't, tread lightly on it My garments lay in shreds with the last of my humanity Brushing the hair from its face I am locked into a dead stare Its open pupils act as a mirror and they are reflecting back at me Not who I am but, what I have become I pledge allegiance to this husk, giving it all that I've got Pushing my power in And absorbing its life as mine, becoming one with it I unclasp the ball gag and inhale its death