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Once Upon A Ska (Skarface)

* Once upon a time, in the kingdom of France, Was a band called Skarface. This band could have been playing... Punk Rock * Everybody here seems to love or wish this shit society And no one there want to realize that some have nothing to eat We gonna fight, fight, in the neighbourhood We gonna fight until they fall We gonna fight, fight, fight, in the neighbourhood Till we destroy your rules * And they could also have choosen... Psycho Billy * They just come from another planet Their mission is to invade the Earth Better run, no weapon can kill them They're big, black and hairy So beware of giants spiders Beware of giants spiders * Even if they wanted, they could have been playing... Soul music * You make me feel all right - All right You make me feel OK - OK When you come in my arms - All right I wish that you will stay - OK Come back baby, come back baby, right now * They could have been playing... Oi! music * I'm gonna break the rules Today I feel good I'm gonna kick you fools I'm coming to you I'm just a youth... Beware no respect for you A warrior SkinHead, I don't care Here I come Oh, Eh, Oh, I've nothing to loose Nothing to come back to Oh, Eh, Oh, Feel in good mood to give a punch or two * But no, my dears and only friends, no, no, no, no, no! Absolutely no! If they united together, it was just to play... SKA! *