Trucha (OPM)

Masked with nylon with a can of krylon while on point see you through the walls we write on ride strong with a crew who’s considered sly cons high on this rush provided my wrong cops try to put a stop to my art and hip hop but they knock what we rock we got the streets locked juras don’t mix with pinturas catch us slipping and try shoots us we’re looters of virgin walls the no gutters writers reign supreme on the street art scene my team goes by the OPM kings rings and tight cliques we mix to snipe hits and be the uppest that’s the main thing catch graffitIwreck on my city set my committee gets respect well known with a gritty rep who step to the bomb yard with a fat tip trying to get a name in this world and that’s it I like to crash dance halls write all over the walls I like to rock buildings that stand a hundred feet tall respect or street props I never got any then I met German fat and new york skinny now I'm known coast to coast east to west everybody out here be my alias I bust an old school battle like MC sham but instead of a mic I rock a twelve ounce can now here we are all dressed in black mobbin' down by the railroad track we began our attack watch out for the cops and the sneaky rats so next time when you're out on a midnight mission keep your eyes peeled for the police they out there fishing for all the young hoods that like to rock and ain't even trippin on a motherfucking cop