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Walk (Kyla La Grange)

Oh ignorance it does not make you immune You can still tell a lie when you don’t know the truth You’ll deal in deception, you’ll tinker with trust Completely convinced that you’re honest enough Oh innocence won’t always make you less cruel It is a refuge for bullies and fools They’re only a product of what they endured I’ll trade you forgiveness for a heart that is pure Would you jump for me jump for me Leave anyone for me? Dance for me dance for me Give up a chance for me? Hey hey honey, don’t be a fool just walk Oh love is a pawnbroker making a steal You’ll trade in your assets for something to feel And when you have spent all of your passion and pride You’ll come back for more and he’ll help you decide Oh vigilance won’t always keep you prepared When your eyes are wide open you’ll still trip on the stairs You’ll say I won’t be taken in or caught unawares But he’ll make a mockery of all you declared Darling won’t you open your eyes Oh darling won’t you open your eyes