Blinded (Inmoria)

My life's a symphony of tragedy Don’t know if I'm alive Or am I dreaming It is a symphony of agony And hate is all I live for Can’t take it anymore Haunted by memories from long ago I see them with my own eyes Yet I am blinded Everytime I lay me down I see it all I see the sorrow That has been haunting me Now I know why it feels so cold Now I know why I can't live When I'm awake there is no light shining inside of me Cause I'm blinded And when I sleep I can see everything within me Cause I'm blinded When I'm awake I don't believe that I'm alive Or am I dreaming... ..Don't wanna wake up I don’t believe that I am dead I am alive when I am dreaming It's all a mystery All I see are the shadows That surround me and they call me Oh please forgive me I'm so alone and I am scared Oh please take me to the other side And guide me to the light