Hear My Prayers (Inmoria)

Hear me cry See the tears of endless sorrow Hear me call My voice is whispering softly from the shadows Calling you To come and see me Come and see me fade away I'm crawling here beneath you I'm trying to hide my hate I'm trying so hard to forgive you But you never hear what I say I still believe That you will someday hear my prayers And show me the way And guide me out of this misery Why do I pray every night before I go to sleep Why can't you hear my prayers Why do I say these words when you never hear me Why do I pray when I don't believe Why do I pray every night why do I cry every night Why can't you hear me cry I can’t take it anymore I can't live anymore Why can’t you hear my prayers When I'm praying I'm always crying I'm calling out your name I fade into a state of mind That really drives me insane You give me no answer I'll never be forgiven You'll never stop me Stop me now from fading away