My Last Farewell (Inmoria)

In the darkness I see them I hear what they say I know I've been losing my mind Telling me stories And telling me lies And god has left me all alone In the shadows I'm hiding Away from it all Screaming for someone to hear I'm falling apart I'm fading away Remember the time that we had Don't forget me This is my last farewell Time is not on my side I can’t believe that I'm falling I can’t believe I'll be gone My last farewell Can't go on with my life I can't believe that I'm dying I can't believe that I'm slowly fading away I'm lying all alone Screaming for you Tell me how to believe No one can save me No one can feel The pain that drives me insane Now I know that it's over I know I have lost The will to carry on dreaming Staring at shadows Crying alone Take this life and take away all the sorrow