The Mirror (Inmoria)

I am a mystery Living in a life of sorrow I am a blasphemy Why can’t you see That I'm a trail of chaos I am a sacrilege A fading light Somewhere in the shadows I am a living lie Trapped in a circle of sadness With the mirror as my only friend Come closer can't you see me Come closer can’t you feel me The mirror never lies I've got no reflection still I see the sorrow The mirror never cries Yet I see the tears from the face in front of the mirror The mirror the mirror never lies Have I lost my mind Or is it over now 'Cause I can’t see my own reflection in the mirror I am the circle of madness I am the one who calls you I am the garden of Eden A lonely shadow Don't you know who I am I am the child in the mirror An empty face I am the chaos around you I am the face in the mirror Why can’t you see The mirror never lies