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Choronzonic Force Domination (Internal Suffering)

Let my total will be done! Star of Chaos -- Traced upon the ground Kia... Invoked! IO KIA! Governor of The Earth... POWER 333 of the Tenth Aethyr! The God Of Conquest... Division, Confusion, Dispersion... Chaos! Prepare for the Government of The Earth! IO CHORONZON! IO CHORONZON! DEMONS! Revenge & Domination... DOMINATION!... DOMINATION!... DOMINATION! XIQUAL CHILHIG! Let the demons of the pit descend about me! Come forth demons... hear my call! XIQUAL... CHORONZON! Manifest Choronzon! OH... CHAOS! I humble myself before Thy Terrible Magnificence! OH GREAT CHORONZON... Shall your force dominate! Pestilential Religions, Putrid Ideologies... CHAOS REIGN! SOAHC LLIW EB DESAELER! ZIRDO LONSHI DEPEDE ZARZAX! I Am the Power 333 of the Tenth Aethyr! IO CHORONZON! IO CHORONZON! IO... CHORONZON!