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Legion (Internal Suffering)

...We Are Nothing, ... We Are Everything (3x) ...surrounded by the infinite null space of the Void, the place between the strictures of time & space... brilliant chaosphere... Visualized Extended arms... force projected toward the chaosphere... TEBEN RAE KA RI! Brilliant/dark light of Chaos burns around... set forth to conjure in the Void FETH, UTOK UDINBAK, LOHIXOZ NOMIIND! We, as Chaos, invoke Dominion! FETH BONDHAIBEFETH, UTOK UDINBAK, XEBEMEK A'LERN We. As Chaos, Divide & Unite! We, As One... DOMINATE! We, As One Are... LEGION! DNUOB OT UOY. TRAEH OT TRAEH, DNIM OT DNIM, EW ERA... DEIFINU! I am bound to you. Heart to heart, mind to mind, we are... unified! We, As One... DOMINATE! We As One Are... LEGION! OUR NAME IS LEGION DIVIDED THAT WE MIGHT EXIST LET NONE SEEK ALL POWER FOR ALL THE GODS AND DAEMONS... ARE WE!