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Paging Audrey (Walter Becker)

In the littlest hours 'tween the dusk and dawn While the night light glows with the music on You could climb so high in the dream time sky And go anywhere In that sometime place ever lost somehow In the here and gone or the there and now Did it all go bust, crumble down in dust Or just slip away? Paging Audrey, any random star Lost and lonely, somewhere very far Paging Audrey, come in from the cold In the littlest hours, oh, oh In that far-off room drenched in desert sun Evil words were spoke, dirty deeds were done Could we sail back there? Snatch them from the air I dare anyone Can I stand right here? Call them back and say Those were never meant to be heard that way Let the heavens crack, let the day go black I?d give anything Paging Audrey, somewhere very near Safe and silent, there you are my dear Paging Audrey, anybody home In the littlest hours, oh, oh In a distant room certain things were said As the loved one lies on the love-torn bed And the night rolls on and by light of dawn You're not anywhere Paging Audrey, this is who we are Do remember on any random star Paging Audrey, coming strong and pure In the littlest hours, oh, oh