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Selfish Gene (Walter Becker)

Sweet little baby from the hills somewhere Here's a pretty lovebud for your hair Itty bitty girl, sippin' Grenadine Look who's talking to selfish Gene There's a place way down in Brentwood Out to Georgio's we all g'wine The maitre 'd's gonna take care of everything He's a personal friend of mine, what a prize you are' Honey don't you scratch my new car Selfish Gene, he's one in a million A safe harbor in every storm Many call but few are chosen Hey, pretty baby, let's have a little fun The Pinot is flowing and the night's still young Over and above and behind and between Make a little party for selfish Gene Steady girl, let me grab on your wig hat Down in the corn crib we shall go No brains, no regrets, no worries Hidey hi, hidey hey, hidey ho, kundalini now Baby, let me show you how Selfish Gene, don't lick no Manolos He don't argue, he don't ask twice Selfish Gene, don't serve two masters (Why) Must every time I turn my ship around' Some bastard come and knock my skyline down I guess that's everything I suppose The play date's over and the case is closed Tell me momma that I didn't do right To have a little something on amateur night I feel sure that we'll meet again sometime Don't see why and I don't know when Maybe I'll catch you down at the daily If you haven't moved on by then Take a dollar from the drawer Daddy's got a whole lot more Selfish Gene needs clarity and closure This is his house and that's your cab You need a hug, now don't be bashful Do yourself and your friend a favor You don't bargain with selfish Gene Selfish Gene, don't take no prisoners