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Twice As Nice (Pomplamoose)

The doors will soon be closing And you'll wonder what's behind them Who is watching you through tinted windows Pointing at your funny shoes Which way will you choose To jump aboard and close your books To take a second look Well it's all gone Yes it just faded in a Blinking of a what is that I hear another train arriving, One that's headed north Carrying people who have jobs and heavy consciences. But I think you look nice. Twice as nice as anybody else. So please don't lose your mind. Cause it doesn't belong to anybody else. No it doesn't belong to anybody else. Maybe I should join the multitudes And climb the rusty mountain With a good 78 years ahead Maybe even two And when I'm through I'll have more money And a parking spot And kids who wonder what to make of their fortunate lot. I'm afraid you haven't noticed You forgot to pack your teddy Or perhaps he wasn't ready To leave all of it behind. The trains will keep on running And they'll still think you look funny Cause you're wearing your pajamas And you haven't lost your smile