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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Parallel Lines (Dear and the Headlights)

There's no sound, no one around Half the sun's gone underground All the dead still hold their heads But their old weeping won't resound As we drag our western talks Down thousand year old blocks Vesuvius looks ashamed That he ever lost his mind And that people now spend time excavating his rage Kiss my mouth, leave me no doubts With antiquated gestures now There's no sound, no one around That lurid moon in peeking out And your steps they seem to rhyme So perfectly with mine As we pass through ancient gates And I'm whistling at stray dogs And you're laughing on my arm Just waiting for the train Out by parallel lines I try to make sense Of that strange pulsing there in my wrist But you don't bother to guess You're not confused to be blessed You're just smiling so thankful to exist