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My Inspiration (Dead Silence Hides My Cries)

I was so lost and so lonely Was vainly searching for my sense I needed to find my muse strongly Notwithstanding the expense Before I met you on my way I was falling into decay I knew you would I knew you should Change my life Your smile, your eyes Your voice, your guise In my heart You gave me power To free myself, unlock the gate I know It is the hour To be delivered from my fate I'm free I could not feel, no joy, no zeal You gave me strength with might And you changed me so I breathed free I felt the mirth of life I was locked in a tight cage With no light and need for rage It was you who set me free And helped me now I can see! You’re the one stuck in my mind The only thing I wished to find I won't survive without you now You are my air, my life, I swear! You saved me reached out your hand It was the best I could demand Now I can feel that I'm alive It's due to you owing to you I feel that I'm so different when I'm with you And i will be forever close to you