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Elle Ess Dee (Salt The Wound)

This is all a lie reaching in the dark. I never tried but this isn't me. My head is killing me. What drugs do I take to make them go away. And if I ingest these pills, what demons will awake in me. I won't be sticking around. I'm high as hell I won't come down. Visions I am having seem to be all too real. The warmth has taken over and I am not myself. All feelings of guilt and doubt will have left me. My head is a mile above the earth. I will walk backwards and end up right in front of me. These walls will drip and part at my will. I own the sun. I can make my own endings. I have seen my end. The crown! My own fingers will break the jewels I create. I will kill the crown that has watched over me. I will hold my own severed head in my fuckin' bloody hands. This is not how I expect it to end. I'm a fucking sell out you should have known. Did you fucking think I would last this long?