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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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When People Are Shameless (Salt The Wound)

Recycled smoke, awkward moments make reflections that destroy our own. Thanks for the best times of my life this is how I express myself. Creating the perfect escape, while imagining all of you, you can create a healthy style, whose helping you make, your choices, who's helping you make your choices. You know that this is what we are, family for life an unstoppable flaw, the design you drew will not omit this feeling that only blood separates us. Trust worthy you've stuck by my side, I'm not the only one who wins at this. Anxiously awaiting the day when we must stand by side to side. When everyone you know dies. It's amazing you've managed to keep love ones around this long. (2x) Damnation in it's finest form, and now I won't flee not while you're backing me. Trace the past and to find the shape you've made me. Die for regret, giving your life for others, we've been through hell or high water, nothing can stop us now. Beneath tripped upside down and draining, into the dirt with them. Into the dirt, into the dirt with them. (3x)