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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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At Least Understand (It Prevails)

I only hope you understand the invigoration That has filled me within these past coming years I have felt more than any other living being on this earth, I was born with a resentment only few can understand But to capture everything I'm yearning for within this moment, Is a feat most men can't comprehend within their lifetime I have fallen from grace in your eyes Only to ache, from the will to return to the place in your heart I know I've captivated something in you, after all these years If you can't see, at least understand I don't believe that I have ever seen your eyes look so tired In my mind, It's better if we both take time apart and fix ourselves If I decide to reunite with an old friend, or make amends, Or just pretend to be alright with who you are, well I'm not