Blanket The World (It Prevails)

I never thought pushing the things I never wanted away, would be such a trial, and test, of who I am. I never knew how clear it was on the other side of who I used to be. Now I stand. Where I am. Above every single judgement that's been pressed upon me. You try and blanket the world with time. How happy we felt, all because you hold. You held on for far too long. All because you never learned to let go. Learn to let go. In this world there are no saints. Every single one of us has something they're not proud of, or deeply regret. Whether it be letting a loved one go to soon. Or using someone to better yourself. At a certain point you realize what's done is done. And the only thing left to do is simply put it in your past. Begin a new chapter. Strive to become the person you can be. Realize your worst days are behind you. And everything gets better in time.