Shine Through (It Prevails)

It takes strength to hold this heart. I won't be the man who only lets his dreams live when he sleeps. But the man who lets them shine though into every single thing he does. I won't be the man who's a slave for his possessions. I won't be the man who lets his life pass him by. When heart speaks to mind it's not to be disregarded, at least for me. I need to have it, that feeling when your heart demands it. I don't know if I can let it go. There are so many places left for me to see. How will we ever know what it feels like, To be the person that is living for themselves and their dreams? Even when your days seem hardest, let your dreams shine though. When the world pushes down on me, I know this is who I'm supposed to be. Always and forever; nothing's ever felt so perfect. Now I see, this is who I'm supposed to be.