Stroma (pushing One's Self) (It Prevails)

Subject to the earth. I am just standing here, waiting for the world to change me. Finally, I feel it's deserved. I was once like you, Unaware of how much opportunity that had been given to me. Will you let it pass you by? Or will you stand up and accept this gift of life. You're not guaranteed anything but the time you have now. Awake, don't fill your heart with blind faith. I know in my heart what feels right for me. I won't shun you or hurt you for what you may believe. Ignorance surrounds me. On my quest to find a place where I can push myself and my heart. Where people let others be who they are. We need to find a place where we can reach our highest potential. A common goal among us will bring us together. Though not achieved, I am trying. I am trying.