Catatonia (Rootwater)

And if you know now the mirror of the Spirit You know You’re made of , completely made of black despair Made of sadness, hate, hate and greed When the night falls – demons come I am inert, I let them come And I hear - “close your eyes” And I hear – “”close your mind” Communing with them I fall down Deeper and deeper, I am dying out I’m not afraid of it - it’s a dream I only want to rest from it from hell hell in my head I can be afraid only of thing I don’t know well I ‘m sinking free, I feel no pain Demons rip my soul, And I want no help, no more Death is a friend, it’s my natural state Fuuuuuck! Fuck You, fuck me ! It’s a demon’s game – you know? You’re not a player – you’re a pawn You are round of their game Catatonia is the way To make you weak ,to make you sad To deprive the will of life Demons are around , they’re real They are to bring you to hell You can survive - believe and pray