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Venture (Rootwater)

Another day another time another fear another lie another time to go to the light I screw up my eyes beginning the fight Fight is a way of life you agree to kill , when everybody is an enemy fear and hate emotions you know best necessary to fight necessary to live with no hope , faith already left living day by day ,oblivion is the rest day by day you become an animal trying to survive , waiting till the night I live every day life I venture all my time Spirit leads somebody Do you wanna be somebody ? life's not only the heart beat ought to feel , ought to believe OUGHT TO KNOW WHAT MATTERS AND I FIGHT WHEN IT’S TIME TO FEAR OF EVERY DAY IN MY MIND NOBODY CAN FEEL IT , NOT TO REALIZE IT DOESN'T MATTER : LOVE OR HATE REMEMBER ONE : GET OUT OF MY WAY WITH NO HOPE , FAITH ALREADY LEFT LIVING DAY BY DAY ,OBLIVION IS THE REST DAY BY DAY YOU BECOME AN ANIMAL TRYING TO SURVIVE , WAITING TILL THE NIGHT YOU CAN ANALYZE THE LIFE BUILT , CREATE AND FACTORIZE YOU CAN WATCH IT PIECE BY PIECE MISUNDERSTAND ALL OF THIS BUT HAVE YOUR HOPE , YOU DON'T NEED MONEY AND BELIEVE , YOU DON'T NEED THE ENEMY NO MORE THERE'S ONLY ONE THING , NECESSARY TO LIVE TAKE YOUR LIFE IN FULL ,FULL SWING LEAVE YOUR FEAR AND LET YOUR SPIRIT WORK NOBODY CAN DO MORE , NOBODY CAN CLOSE YOUR EYES – REALITY IS BACK WHEN YOU HEAR LAUGHTER – NOW YOU DON'T CARE VENTURE TO MAKE YOUR LIFE REAL NOTHING VENTURE-NOTHING GAIN VENTURE TO MAKE YOUR LIFE REAL NOTHING VENTURE-NOTHING GAIN I LIVE EVERY DAY LIFE I VENTURE ALL MY TIME SPIRIT LEADS SOMEBODY DO YOU WANNA BE SOMEBODY ? LIFE'S NOT ONLY THE HEART BEAT ought to feel , ought to believe ought to know what matters and I fight when it’s time to now I feel this state I can take deep breath feeling real life first time I feel alive now I feel the air no voices in my head no more infectious lies first time I'm alive