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A Cloud-formed Teardrop Asylum (Code)

Tired souls hunched in familiar bricks Drowned in sleeping sickness silver skeleton palace of mist Heart-shaped carnival of sores locked up in cupboard doors Looking up at the starry sky won’t make your scarred life Light up bright A thirst for questions have their black reply -- Hide in cloud-mouthed skyscraper Haven for no thoughts but mine A muscular memory of February When proud absence left me (We are alone amongst millions…) Subway stations filled with forced equations for my earth to burst The retina is so hungry I could eat a hearse Peeling adverts perfumed with roman numerals As we shuffle off to our jobs like funerals Drawn by wounds to the throat of ghosts (We) lost our way back to the vault of youth Codes forged in my minerals when the earth grew old Love’s labours lost back when lives for lies were sold (our lives were sold) Kodak coloured souvenirs From a furnished furnace of fears For learning to be mad Is the poverty of happiness And I know that it is clear That I’m not here In this cloud-formed invisible asylum of tears I am ready to face my fears As my consciousness disappears To the internal sanctuary of seers Where the clouds last for years & years “I placed a blue death mask there in my book of hours that those who dream of an earthly paradise may read it as men”