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An Enigma In Brine (Code)

We are lost within the flesh Led by the sloping of an inner arm No face outside these eyes No past outside tonight We are as we paint us A vision installed In many ways stunned To say it would be to sing As green meteors swim Gently up to him Mirrored surfaces Who is within them? Hands in water peel my skin My teeth and my hair My eyes move like lunar seas The mirror moves and I jump in To catch my breath under the sky Wash scars and use this eye Roll it from the navel to the pubis Circumnavigate (the) wet hip Turn these bodies around Dash them on the shore Watch their slender centres Spark and burst And slide their tattered skin Between barnacles and limpid This is where they want to lie To love the wind and the tides …And remember what still Grows and thrives An enigma in brine Past this daily decreasing horizon I am image I