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Delia (Blind Willie McTell)

Delia was a gambler, Gambled all around. Delia was a gamblin' girl, She laid her money down. She's all I've got is gone. Delia's dear mother Took a trip out west, When she returned, Little Delia had gone to rest. She's all I've got, is gone Delia's mother weep, Delia's father moan, Wouldn't have hit so bad If our child had died at home. She's all I've got is gone. Delia, Delia, how can it be? Say you love them rounders, and don't love me? She's all I've got, is gone. Cutty heavin' in the bar room, Drinkin' out a silver cup. Delia, she's in the graveyard, May not never wake up. She's all I've got, is gone. Rubber-tire buggy, double-seated hack Taken Delia to the cemetery, But failed to bring her back. She's all I got; it's gone. Delia, Delia. Poor girl, she's gone. With all I hate, she done left me all alone. She's all I got, and it's gone. Sheriff said to Curtis, "what that stuff's about?"; "on account o' those gamblers Tryin' to drive me out." She's all I got; it's gone Curtis said to Church, "what may be my fine?"; "I done told you, poor boy You got 99." She's all I got, it's gone Up on the house-top, High above the sea, Lookin' at those those rounders, Lookin' after me. She's all I, got is gone Cutty lookin' high, Cutty lookin' low, Shot poor Delia down with that hated.44 She's all I got, is gone