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On The Cooling Board (Blind Willie McTell)

Undertaker, undertaker, please take it slow You're takin' the one I love, won't bring her back no More Don't a man feel bad, when his baby's on the coolin' Board Don't a man feel bad, when the hearse pulls up to his Door Undertaker, undertaker, don't drive so fast Seem like every minute going to be my last I tried to help her, people, I did all that I could One out of a million who meant me any good When I walked up to her bedside, her breath was gettin' Low She looked at me and said, "Honey, I can't love you no More" My heart struck sorrow, my tears falling down Watching my baby settled into the ground Said I walked up to where they're throwing dirt in Ella's Face Wanted to jump into her grave and take her place I realize I won't see my girl again Swear to God I loved her, she was my only friend