Scarey Day Blues (Blind Willie McTell)

I wants to wait around here baby : until your fried *rice* get done Because I think I got a nickel : I wants to buy me one I wonder could I find a woman : to do like my last rider done She kept it all for her daddy : she didn't give nobody none Said my baby got a bed : it shines like a morning star And when I crawls in the middle : it rides me like a Cadillac car My good gal got a mojo : she's trying to keep it hid But Georgia Bill got something : to find that mojo with I said she got that mojo : and she won't let me see And every time I start to love her : she's tried to put them jinx on me Well she shakes it like the Central : she wobbles like the L and N Well she's a hotshot mama : and I'm scared to tell her where I been Said my baby got something : she won't tell her daddy what it is But when I crawls in my bed : I just can't keep my black stuff still Well I done got reckless : and I broke my mama's rule I been wandering around Georgia : with these doggone scary day blues