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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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A Million Miles (The Wedding Present)

I must have walked past this doorway thirty times Just trying to catch your eye You made it all worthwhile when you returned my smile It all became worthwhile Don't you feel a little cold stood by the door? You know, I'd really like to talk some more Oh, don't be worried about your friend - I think she left some time 'round ten What was her name again? You're not like anyone I've met Do you see much of Charlie over here? Oh, I've known him off and on for years He's never mentioned you before Oh that didn't come out right at all And now I feel this small That seems to be it Don't get me wrong, but how are you going to get back home? I'd be willing to walk that way There's something I've just got to say I could walk a million miles today You're not like anyone I've ever met I kept bursting out with laughter all the way home I had to tell somebody & you just happened to phone I can't think of anything else, no matter how I try But, you know, I can't even remember the color of her eyes You're not like anyone I've ever met Well, at least not yet