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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Don't Laugh (The Wedding Present)

I never thought I could live here on my own But then I guess everybody'got to live somewhere Four tins of paint made this our home Oh I got less on the walls than I got in my hair When we moved in here the dog was still a pup Oh do you remember the time he chewed those curtains that we found? I laughed the day you put them up The day you left I tore them down Don't laugh, don't even sigh I touched your skin last night But your half of the bed was empty And so I guess I must have dreamt it I don't know why Don't laugh, don't even try I touched your skin last night I didn't fall asleep til morning And then the next day I couldn't stop yawning Oh how I try And these bedroom walls are paper thin You took a side in every neighbor's row And those kids next door make such a din But sitting here it seems ever so quiet now