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999 (Richards Keith)

Makin' it, doesn't matter how many Takin'it Well, I can't shake it Off of my back, damn monkey It's either too tight Or it's too slack How much That's all it is ooh Ninety nine How much, yah Now, ninety nine You better hack it baby Yea, my time exploded, space blew up Need something in my Dixie cup Whoa, let me get it right There's the best pair of lips I've kissed all night How much, well give it to me I'll pay you later Nine ninety nine Oh, I got a pocket calculator Yeah, wake up, it don't make sense Nickles and dimes Nine ninety nine The lion and the lamb are locked in an embrace You won't get it till it's in your face Oh, I got me out of deeper red Don't panic Ah, it's where I want to be Yeah, oh A useful member of society, huh! I just need a little of that old money Gimme ninety nine, yea Well, I can't shake it off of my back God damn monkey Aw, it's too tight, or it's too slack Yeah some things never change Price of bullets remains the same Here we go Hand over fist, slap on the wrist Umm, nine nine That's all I'm askin' how much How much do you want to give Just a little bit Nine Yeah they operate Look at the state of my baby Will, it cost twenty grand, pitiful Yeah, that's a nine Put your money where your mouth is Cough it up Oh nickels and dimes Yeah, huh, ooh