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Rockawhile (Richards Keith)

Oh Rockawhile (6x) Baby don't you stay with me Rockawhile Baby stay yeah I don't need to lie You can believe it or leave it Baby won't you stay with me And rockawhile Hold your breath - Babe Close the shop, close the shop, Yeah Rock a while Baby come up here and Rock a while Stay with me, C'mon, Yeah Tell me what you want now I don't need to lie to you Stay with me Baby, baby stay with me and Rockawhile It's no cheaped shot there Baby's just a square, yes she is Rockawhile Come over Just Rockawhile Have to rock in style No strings attached Just me and Rockawhile Just you C'mon now baby stay with me Stay yeah Tell me what you wanna do Stay yeah And Rockawhile No strings attached Stay with me awhile Tell me all your troubles again