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Whip It Up (Richards Keith)

Whip Whip it up Whip Whip it up Don't know what you dream at night honey Close your eyes and see Leave the rest to me I'll be stealin' in if you give me half a chance C'mon baby let's get this dream to dance Whip it up C'mon Whip Whip it up Whip it up, Whip it up Well it seems so sad to me, the way we carry on Why, why baby can't we get along I ain't deceivin' you if you ain't deceivin' me Then someone else has lied to us Yeah Don't deny it Save it for another day Don't save it for me If I ain't good enought for you Then maybe baby you ain't good enough, good enough for me Whip it up baby Just a flick of the wrist Twist of the mind Whip it up Whip it up Whip Whip it up