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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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But A Memory (The Jokerr)

I lie here alone just wondering Always at the edge of town On the same hill watching the sun go down And I grin when I'm caught imagining Somewhere in the roaming clouds There lies another world, now Thinking, I've landed the best of use I wish that you all could see too, and I see That might be a bit outlandish After all I found it for me, yea Here we go now... After all I found it for me I'm missing songs with melodies Transcribed from an ancient home That makes it never ever ever get old I find it so hard to ever be On this with a second soul And I've grown to know before I too find it hard to imagine Another fool quiet like me Somewhere on a hilltop wondering If another then there could be But if I've learned me anything I can guarantee Someday these thoughts will be but memories to me [Bridge] Sometimes when I think of What the future holds I get cold After all that I've been through I know, there's so much more to do I've been throgh the worst part Stop right here, I'm I know Moving on, moving on Know that I've been cold Nowhere to go, nowhere to go I just walk on, never see this evil eye, Dreams change in the shadows of the east supply And me so Sometimes in the night I marvel, at the stars of the eastern sky Cause they always seem to want to hide So often I'm asking why they go, at the sign of the first morning light They're never too divine, I try Now, If I see every other skyfall Could you follow what I see I'mma build 10 years of publicity Would you ever hear what I hear I don't know yet but still I pray Jesus hope for me Someday this all will be but a memory to me