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The Maestro (The Jokerr)

[Intro-spoken] Strange music fans, some of you might hate me for this. Some of you might love me for this. Most of you Aren't gonna know what to think. I just got a story an ima tell it. Who am I you ask? ask yourself this... [Verse 1] Who's the man with the master plan With talent that the world never knew could have so vast a span Who raps, writes, records, engineers, makes his own beats And sings his fucking ass off, ask my fans They'll all tell ya who (The J to the O) Yeah the record company executives would never give his ass a chance I'll give you a classic example of the way that it goes Let me tell you bout my interaction with strange and them folks I sat with Tech on his tour bus, the two of us Through "Welcome To The Show" on and half way through the chorus of "Jokerr's pain" Cory the annoying tour manager with his superiority complex intruded just to kick me off Without a second thought, even though his fucking boss was the one who invited me on to it Tech didn't say shit But Strange's vice president, Dave did "You need to build more" Hey bitch, fuck what you think! [Hook] This is my show, it's the maestro (2x) [Verse 2] I worked a twelve hour shift, got off and flew to Phoenix And drove another nine hours to Santa Barbera to meet up with tech And day one is behest I'm here trying to impress Some pussy tour manager enters in flexing his penis How the fuck would you feel if you put your last dollar bill In the gas tank of your truck and hauled ass for hours Willing to bet If you were chilling with Tech He'd feel the skill and respect But instead ya kicked out, left, pipe dreaming You see the difference between me and these other mother fuckers Is I ain't afraid of strange and I'll declare it publicly Their kingpin can't fuck with me And my success isn't contingent on his, Travis's or Dave's puppetry It ain't nothing against the man Tech's legacy stands I'll show respect to this dude and un-begrudgingly But don't fucking tell me I ain't a valid contender Iv'e been raw since crypto-zoologists first discovered me You see rappers all want tech's spot well guess what Jokerr ain't a rapper bitch, plug me in the next slot I'm bigger than the label with one actual artist Surrounded by tax write-offs and talent-less redundancy You got your fans tricked but I ain't buying that shit Like all the garbage ass B-list albums you keep publishing You had the opportunity to pick up this up and comer I tried to approach you all humbly but now fuck what you think! [Hook] [Verse 3] I know Tech, man. Man I know your gonna hear this, bro. I just wanna let u know I think I figured out what it takes to make it on strange music. Be the #1 independent rapper on the planet, ya know? Like, I've been studying you, man. Because, ya know, I wanna be the best and like everybody says you're the best. So I'mma just take this last verse and, ya know, share with the listeners about how Tech N9ne be ripping. NOW Allow me to break shit down Let's rhyme Tech n9ne Blind shredder (CHA) Predictable patterning With a flattering end cap as a tie jetter (CHA) Then a couple in a minute bars For a double A, B, A stanza That commands in advanced of the bonanza Then it all ends up in the same rhyme letter (CHA) But he won't stop there He'll take it to the A bar Make a nigga way hard Then he goes (CHA) in between (CHA) everything (CHA) that he says (CHA) what a great time setter (CHA) He might even switch it from 32nd's and divide it to triplets and introduce harmony for the philogyny cause the ladies love his singing like fine leather (CHA) Then we speed it up faster but it doesn't really gotta make sense (CHA) Cause the fans can't even understand what he says anyways knew better if they did they'd laugh when a nigga say shit like "Dark and wicked, (CHA) Autistic kid, (CHA) picking up frogs and crickets" Then he goes back to the line header. (CHA) It's called completion, it's all cohesive, it's basic music theory bitch and it ain't that hard to teach it Listen I ain't got nothing but love for the nigga but he's not the governor of the shit And I'd love to admit it but I really can't in good conscience cause the fact of the matter is I'm better (CHA) And if you got a problem with it you can kiss each cheek to the beat while you're nodding with it here we (GO, GO) Look at the jester (GO, GO) Dissin' on Tech like (OH NO) Can he do that? Yeah, and I don't need y'all's permission Listen, to all you up and coming rappers, I know it's tough, but if you know you're dope then you go after what you (KNOW KNOW) And don't let them tell you to (GO HOME) Travis and Davis are (BOZOS) So what we gonna say to them? (uhhh) FUCK WHAT YOU THINK! [Hook] [Outro-Spoken] I don't got a problem with being rejected, that's part of the game. I DO have a problem with going out to meet y'all and getting treated like shit. Well I guess that's par for the course isn't it? can't even pay for hotel rooms, got you whole crew taking sponge baths on the bus and shit saying they're making hundreds of thousands of dollars and breaking their top artists off for chump change. why the fuck you think Cognito left? Why the fuck you think Kutt left? Why the fuck you think Hopsin turned your bitch ass down. Yeah didn't think I knew about that shit, did ya? He was smart enough to step out your tech N9ne pyramid scheme. enticing these artists with a contract and a tour. spending just enough money on them to get your books looking right and spitting them out the other side. To all you young rappers looking to strange music like that's the place to be. Like there the boss and shit. Well guess what, strange music = Tech N9ne music. Sign with them if you want a permanent cap on your career. You want Tech N9ne's spot? Go out and get your own fans, get your own respect and build your own empire. And if anyone says you can't do it just look them straight in the eye and tell them FUCK WHAT YOU THINK!