Then You Will Grow (The Jokerr)

[Verse 1: The Jokerr] I got a heart full of gold And always tried to do as was told But they never told me this whole world could be so cold They never told me I'd be heartbroken rolled in a ball in the hall of a dark house with no-one to call They never Said I'd never have a dad They never told I could be evicted and be stripped of everything I had They never told me if I gave them my heart she'd rip it out, tear it apart and hurt me so bad But yo Listen, I'm still here I made it through the fire alive despite the agony and spilled tears And now I've got the battle scars to prove that you could make it through too and fight your concealed fears I did it So follow my lead and just remember a heart beating and the air in your lungs is all that you need To succeed, take it from me And even if you have to bleed keep pushing and you'll see [Hook] When life gets you down Don't worry, you've got plenty of time its no hurry It's hard, I know But then you will grow When everything falls to the bottom Remember that the winter comes after the autumn It's hard, I know But then you will grow [Verse 2: Dubbs] I never thought it'd be this hellish a ride I'm not the type to hide the hurt behind the shell of my pride I never thought I'd be in this room the morning before he died And not be able to speak, let alone tell him goodbye Deep depression, feeling hopeless Hoping that my kids aren't old enough to know this, it's bogus Christmas time I was struggling [?] disturbed When I couldn't afford the presents that I thought they deserved. (Damn) That was just last year But I smashed on the damn clutch and shifted that motherfucker in that last gear I could've crashed here But yo I hit the breaks And made a decision to switch into a different space Cuz when you realize that half of it is attitude and a ton of people got it worse or just as bad as you You can make a change too In the darkest of times Look in your heart and you'll find [Hook] [Verse 3: Shok] Motivation, comes and goes to those to have the patience I know your mind be wastin' take those angry thoughts and safely place them Aside and focus upon your time and what you're doing now You can make your dream come true, just got to prove it, how Does everything keep going wrong and everybody's acting fake They push you down cuz all they want to do is aggravate Why do they even have to hate? Don't let em' shut you down, I know you may be alone with no one else around Getting hurt use to slow me down, now I laugh at pain No matter what you lose in life in the end's what you got to gain Now I'm not preaching that you want more and I've been there It gets better I promise you Look even if you've been scared Put all your faith in light I know you've been through dark days But try to find a time where you and hatred can part ways Don't let the evil enter I know we're born sinners Keep your face strong and remember [Hook x2]