There With You (The Jokerr)

[Verse 1:] Oh, Mary Lou, the flowers all in bloom, oh And the light on the petals from the moon, oh The yellows and the blues, you were beautiful And I was there with you Remember in the silo where we kissed, oh We were locked into love at the wrists, oh It was bliss, oh And I was there with you I'm on my way So don't you fray I'm at the fence, pliers and a wrench, oh Listen close, you can hear my footprints, oh It was a cinch now the lock's on the ground And soon I'll be there with you Tick-tock, creeping through the lot, oh Till the groundskeeper tells me, "Stop!" But no, I will not He doesn't know what I'm prepared to do [Verse 2:] Baby doll, listen to my call, oh We're not so distant after all, oh You slipped, but didn't fall, no Cause I was there for you On that trail, hiking in the gale, oh We got caught in the lightning and the hail, oh It was so frightening! What a tale! Oh, how happy a pair, we two I'm on my way So don't you fray He didn't fight; it wasn't very hard That little old man there alone and in the dark He never stood a chance you shouldn't be alarmed, no He tried to keep me away from you But now I'm here, right above your head, oh Like the chandelier light above your bed, oh With a shovel I just swiped me from the shed, oh [Chorus:] Now here I come down, down, down (I'm coming down, down, I'm coming down, down, down) Baby, I'm coming down, down, down Hey, and I brought me a brand new shovel I'm digging down, down, down (I'm digging down, down, I'm digging down, down, I'm digging down Down, down, down [Verse 3:] Baby girl, look at how you've aged, oh They should've never put you in this cage, no But they surely set the stage for me to find a way To come and be there with you Now, there may be nothing of you left But the clothes on your bones and your cold rotten flesh but' The only thing between us now is death, oh And soon I'll be there with you I brought my gun' 3, 2, 1... [gunshot] It was quick! I never heard the click, oh I guess my daddy's old .38 special did the trick, oh Then I step into the mist, there's an angel with a list And I ask of my Mary Lou "Is she there, Just behind the gate' Oh, hurry up, tell me now, please, sir, I can hardly wait!" Oh, he looks up with tears on his face... "No." (no, no, no, no, no...) [Chorus 2:] Well then I guess I'm going down, down, down (Through the rain and the mud and the pain and the love I'm coming) Down, down, down (I made you a promise again I'd be with you Mary Lou) Well then I guess I'm going down, down, down (Don't you worry about a thing, baby I'm on my way down) Down, down, down (Oh I'm on my way down, down, down) Baby I'm almost there I'm coming' Down, down, down (We'll be together though heaven I'll never know because I'd rather go) Down, down, down (As I fall from the sky with my arms open wide I'm coming) Down, down, down (Like the tear drops falling on the last day of autumn I'll go) Down, down, down' (Here I come)