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Warrior Of The Rising Sun (Tokyo Blade)

[Boulton/Marsh] Samurai! In a long time ago, when the sword was your soul And the sun turned to gold, and the day turned to night A man stands alone, knowing he has the right And the power of life, over all he surveys With his sword in his hand, he rules all the land Even fools understand, he lives just to fight A man rich in pride, no one dares to defy Don't stare in his eyes, 'cos he's the samurai He bows his head and cries 'By The Sword I Will Live To Die' His eyes are ablaze when he screams out his name He lifts his sword to the rising sun The sun hits the steel as he's shielding his eyes He rules with the blade, will it drive him insane? Death in life is his only way Blood stains the land as they heed his commands He'll fight to the death, when he makes his last stand The time will come when they claim his crown He'll be cut down 'cos he's only a man But until that day, he will rule all this land Samurai! Samurai! Samurai! Samurai! By the sword, You live to die... [Solo] You first killed so long ago The way the warrior learns to fight Can you feel your life's blood draining away? Has the power to foresee Knows the future, what's been before Can't you see he's getting stronger? Sa-mur-ai! Samurai!