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Women And Love (Tokyo Blade)

[Boulton/Marsh] It's the way they move, it's the skin tight dress Nothing I can say that ain't already said Turn out the lights, turn up the heat We're going higher They put a smile on your face, we all slave to love Hits you like a hammer when you're already nailed Slip down your shoes, pull down your hair Whoa, desire She's got the look (she's got the look) Whoa, firing on all six She's Miss Perfection (little Miss Perfection) She'll tear your heart out Nothing as dangerous as women and love No there's nothing as dangerous as when love bites Nothing on Earth can make you feel the way they do No there's nothing as dangerous as women Oh yeah Women Whoa, women and love Throw down the rule books, love don't read or write You don't stand a chance when her body talks You've got the feeling, you've got to know She's Miss Temptation 'Cos the body is willing and the spirit is weak Oh you start to burn with the fires of sin Down on your knees, crawling 'cross the floor No hesitation She's got the look...