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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Wrong Chair (Tokyo Blade)

[Lee/Marsh/Riggs] I'm listening with both ears covered (can't hear those lies) I'm watching with both eyes shaded (I still defy) Oh you fill my head That dirt it causes mind pollution Oh you push me with your fuck (far) extreme solution The screaming hate of anger shrieks and never makes a sound I blink my bloodshot eyes and kick the ground [Bridge] Why don't you do something to help me I'm sick and tired of sitting in the wrong chair If you have something to say then say it I'm damned if I ain't sitting in the wrong chair [Chorus] Sitting Sitting in the wrong chair I'm running but my feet are walking (but I still try) We suffer and you just keep talking (but I don't know why) Oh your schizophrenic attitude beats nails into my knee Oh you raise the lid and set the chaos free The parasitic rats live off my back take everything they can (all they fucking can) Here's a finger, spin on it, sick man [Bridge] [Chorus] [Solo] [Bridge] Spin on it sick man!