Gangsta Nenas (Brooke Valentine)

(Lil Jon) Yeah! What! (Brooke Valentine) This gotta be good we gonna fight we gonna shine like we da stars of the night (Ludacris) Brooke gon' fight! Girls actin' like sum gangsta nenas Take em off pimpette (Brooke) Girls, the men actin like fools like in da girlfight we had we stroke out at em we gotta do it again but we gon' be gangsta nenas We were cool just doin' our flurtin thang lettin men do they pimpin' thang but we aint gonna take their s**t we gonna be gangsta nenas! (Chorus) Hey girls! Are ya'll ready to fight we gonna be the stars tonight Girls! Come out wit me we gonna roll in my jeep and come my way to da lead Yo girls! We gonna be gangsta nenas gangsta nenas gangsta nenas! gangsta nenas! So the men think they can play us they cheat on us they think they pimps well they b**tches they aint kno anythang! they think they can mess wit us but we girls we got each others backs tonight we gonna be gangsta nenas! (Chorus 2X) (Ludacris) Hey Jon (Lil Jon) What! (Ludacris) i think em girls messin wit our crew i aint like that, man (Lil Jon) we gotta go ova there nigga (Ludacris) Com'un, pimp em' girls just being they own b**tches they doin they game but they goin far we gotta stop them!! (Brooke Valentine) Girls have a way to get with men and get nasty wit em but men trippin and saying dirty thangs to them we gonna fight tonight we gonna be da stars tonight we are gonna shine so bright we gonna be gangsta nenas!! Yeah, Gangsta Nenas! We gon' be gangsta nenas No one can stop us Tell em', Luda (Lil Jon) Yeah! (Ludacris) Hey Jon they bein gangsta nenas! they being girls tonight Yeah, gangsta nenas (Brooke Valentine) We gangsta nenas! Fades out