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Ghetto Superstarz (Brooke Valentine)

Hey Oh yeah ooh, ey ey Oh! they gon' know who we are (ey, Ow!) Oh! They gon' know who we are (ey, ey) [Verse 1] we're the ones you used to run from everyday at school, lookin so fresh, so clean, so cool still a menace to society, but that's fine with me cause we still fly as can be [pre-hook] Oh! (uh-oh) C'mon work that body c'mon get naughty (oh) C'mon work that body, c'mon get nuaghty they gon know who we are! [repeat] [Hook] Bet all ya'll folks won't admit it but they wanna get in if you wanna get wit it, We ghetto superstarz see way back then they didn't know about we girls used to throw down but I bet you they know now we ghetto superstarz [Verse 2] we're actin bad, we're ghetto fabulous ridin' in our cadillacs on the east head to the west If your armpits smellin good throw your hands up for your hood might be misunderstood if you don't wanna roll you should [Pre-Hook] [Hook] All over town town we're takin it down down we don't mess around, 'round they wanna be down down You wanna get wit it so won't you admit it we are the shame's name don't you forget it catch us up in a party spikin punch, we roll bacardi have them couples actin naughty all we do is get crunk wit ya'll floks, just keep on hatin cuz our clothes be coordinatin we're the hottest, no debatin all we do is get crunk OH! They Gon know who we are We Ghetto Superstarz OH! They gon't know who we are We Ghetto Superstarz [HOOK] [Talking:] I was at the party and the guys spiked the punch and Oh My God It was like so crazy I got drunk, I was on the floor, and my legs were open, and Oh my God things just happened and I was like the queen of the prom and everybody loved me and they called me a whore though, but I was like Oh my God I didn't mean it, you know my legs were open it just seemed to happen and like don't laugh at me because I'm not a ditsie girl I am very smart I went to school okay I didn't finish but I went to elementary school and I almost finished but now I'm smart and I'm gona be in playboy Oh my God that's the greatest I'm gonna be in playboy, all the guys are gonna love me I'm gonna be like Ana Nicole, and Pamela Andersona, And Carmen Electra even but like I just might get married I might find one of those rock star guys to marry me It's gonna be so great, we're gonna have lots of babies and I'm gonna get plastic suregey and fix up everything that's hanging Oh My God I'm gonna be so great, I'm gonna be a star! [Guy:] Shut the f*** up!