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Laugh Til I Cry (Brooke Valentine)

[Verse 1:] Right from the start hell yeah You were the one even without a kiss you were so much fun Hurted me all the time but yet it felt so good Knock me down but my love still stood [Hook:] You didn't wanna hurt me but you still did Couldn't see behind my back you split wrapped up in love I couldn't control it guess now i see Just what it meant I didn't know what real love was all the hits you gave should had been hugs [Chorus:] I laughed till I cried I seem so happy on the outside I lied, how was I to know it at that time I was so busy laughing now I'm crying [Verse 2:] And I can't deny some times were good I wouldn't save myself if I could Blind and naive I was a fool and lucky me I ran into you [Hook:] I ask you if you love me you say uh-uh wanna take me out you say uh-uh still had a way of Getting to me hold me tight and I forget everything still to this day I think of you, you taught me To see through the lies and get to the truth. [Chorus:] I laughed till I cried I seem so happy on the outside I cried how was I to know if at that Time so busy laughing now I'm crying. [Bridge 2x:] The laughter keeps going and my hearts not showing it's lies (it's lies) I wish I Could show you how many times I cried.