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Tempting (Brooke Valentine)

Yeaaa Oooooo [Chorus:] You're tempting me, You're tempting me, You're so tempting, Tempting me You're tempting me You're temptin me, You're so temptin, You're temptin me, Temptin me [Verse 1:] You called me to see if you could come by And I said that is fine with me I know we never been alone before But there's a first for everything Like when we first got together You agreed you would wait for me So I never felt like this before But your body's temptin me [Bridge:] So why you gotta be here Lookin at my ass like that? (so easily) I know what you're thinkin I feel your hand on my back Dayum [Chorus] [Verse 2:] So here you go as I unlock the door I guess we're gonna watch tv We could barely sit together Without thinkin of naughty things I know your lookin for your keys boy But I don't want you to leave Why don't you stay with me for a lil while We're gonna make the best of things There's bout to be some fireworks goin off round here (Oooh baby) Just relax cause now it's time [Chorus] I know what you're thinking Feel your hand on my back (damn) You're tempting me Looking at my ass like that