Face The Floor (Fallstar)

Humbly I come. For who am I but a child? You delight in my prayers. You seek out requests. From my cries gain answers. And righteous words are weighted. You make nations crumble. You give lepers new hands, yeah. You captivate me. Beginning and the end. Trembling, I approach your throne yeah. My king was torn. My king was torn for us so that we might never die. Pardon me. Excuse me. Pardon me but I'll just face the floor, yeah. 'Cause I have no words, yeah. Burden me. Consume me. Burden me so I can speak your words, yeah. Open my throat, yeah. Throat, yeah. Open my throat, yeah. Disclose your heart. Enoch what was it you did in seeking God, that made him unable to wait? I search like a starving wolf, and I tread where I've seen you walk. Take these hands. Use them freely. My prayers persist until you satisfy me. With boldness I approach your throne, yeah. Confidently I approach your throne, yeah.